Sectional garage door – pedestrian or not?

When we’re determined to have comfort at home, we consider not only the interior but also the exterior design. We make every effort to achieve this. Often, the garage is not only used for protecting the car but also serves as a storage space for things we no longer use but can’t bring ourselves to throw away.

To have easy access to the garage and avoid lifting the entire sectional door, we can choose a pedestrian door specially designed to allow easy movement through the garage.

A pedestrian garage door facilitates quicker access to the garage.

Certainly, we tend to store many things in the garage, especially if it’s spacious. Gardening tools, old toys of the children, and even pieces of furniture that we don’t want to discard because we promise to refurbish them one day.

Having an integrated pedestrian door makes it much easier to enter, grab what you need, and seal the door shut. It’s simpler and more convenient to move around, complete tasks, and exit without wasting time. Such a door tends to complement the existing appearance of the garage, making choices that are more than just practical.

If you don’t have another way of accessing the garage, you’ll want to choose a pedestrian door integrated into the sectional garage door because you get:

  • Immediate access without needing to lift the entire door when you want to enter the garage.
  • Easy opening.
  • Speed in action.
  • Ideal for garages used for storage purposes.

From Alexiana Group, you can select a pedestrian door with the same design as the garage.

An integrated pedestrian door can be designed to match the sectional door. Same design, same color, so that the differences are not noticeable. The pedestrian door opens outward, can be positioned in the middle or wherever you prefer – the choice is yours. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll appreciate such a door, especially the simple way it makes the entire process easier for you.

If up to this point you were unsure whether to consider such a door, now you have the answer and know exactly what advantages you gain by opting for the assembly of such a door. At Alexiana Group, we ensure that it’s well-installed and functions optimally. Don’t forget, you have 45 days after installation to return the product if you’re not satisfied with its appearance or functionality.

On our website, you can always find more detailed information and photos of projects we’ve completed so far. Not sure what to choose specifically? We design exactly what you desire.

One of our team’s advisors can help you choose the right garage door, including the pedestrian door. Rely on our specialized assistance for a personalized offer. Also, remember that we offer maintenance and an additional year of warranty for those who sign up online on our website!

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