A saying from the people goes: “The fence is painted on the outside, the leopard is inside.” It’s evident that when you reach the category of garage arrangement, everything is in place except for closing the void, namely choosing the door. You already have the walls finished, you have the style and architecture as reference points.

In the following lines, we propose a few garage door ideas. You choose, and we’ll get to work to complete the project quickly.

  • For those with classic and elegant tastes at the same time:

Classic is always in fashion, in fact, it’s timeless fashion. Therefore, the simpler a garage door is, the better, because it will never be dethroned by whatever trends. Garage doors in neutral colors or colors that continue the color scheme of the house can be chosen – a single shade or combinations of them. Because we are different and have different preferences, the perfect garage door is not just a single possible option!

  • For those who prefer minimalist design:

For a more minimalist look, the idea of a garage door with clean and simple lines might appeal to you, without too many ornamental details. Those that mimic wood are also attractive, they are smooth, in shades of oak, walnut, or mahogany. They are a faithful reproduction of solid wood, so the visual effect is remarkable.

  • Modern style:

Some might say that a simple garage door is too monotonous. So, they prefer to embrace another trend, namely printed garage doors. Solutions of this kind do not involve amateurs like stickers, but advanced technologies – we use Dura Print and create fabulous garage doors. Each customer chooses their preferred image, with a logo, a character, a landscape perhaps. Such garage doors have a lower demand, they are special and high class, the top of our range. For details, we invite you to discover more here:

  • Different textures:

If the facade is decorated with a textured plaster, the garage door can be chosen to be on the same wavelength. That is, with textures and reliefs, so that the panels have that sophisticated and contemporary look. This can create a note of originality for the entire garage.

Regarding the customization of garage doors, we can also talk about certain optional features. Here, we include windows with different patterns, ventilation grilles, built-in pedestrian doors, pedestrian doors framed in colored frames, etc. What we know for sure is that every customer is different, and we adapt the projects according to their preferences. That’s why our approach is different. We prefer not to sell standard garage doors. We provide free technical solutions, just like measurements. The chosen garage door must fit perfectly in the opening, dimensionally fitting the garage and being aesthetically pleasing as well.

We invite you to explore our gallery of completed projects and choose from them garage door ideas. Don’t forget, our promotion continues – when you order a minimum of one sectional garage door, you also receive an aluminum roller, for free!

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