I would choose, but I don’t know what – types of garage doors from our offer

Perhaps you’ve often considered the comfort and safety of your car while it’s parked. The garage is that place where we’re sure our car enjoys the best conditions and is protected from the elements that might harm it. If you’re thinking about raising the level of security to another level, then it’s recommended to look into garage doors that do their job properly.

In the following lines, we aim to provide more details about various types of garage doors. How many there are, what their characteristics are, and where to find them will be revealed below. In essence, a concise guide for the undecided buyer.

Sectional Garage Doors:

These are designed to be used by those who value good taste, quality, aesthetics, and above all, safety. These doors are installed directly behind the garage opening. After opening, they are positioned under the ceiling, parallel to the floor. These criteria allow parking the car in front of the garage and utilizing the entire space inside.

Sectional garage doors come with numerous advantages, including thermal and acoustic insulation, sealing with gaskets around the door, overload switch, safety against accidents, and the list can continue with many others.

A pedestrian door can be integrated within this type of door. You know, that kind of door you can use to enter or exit the garage quickly. Maybe you just want to grab a single item or you’re in a hurry. Well, a door like that can be successfully integrated.

Roller Garage Doors:

Roller garage doors are a popular choice for homeowners who want a unique aesthetic. These doors consist of individual slats that lift vertically while the door opens and roll up above the garage opening. At Alexiana Group, we offer a range of colors that can complement your home’s landscape. We promise that passersby will stop and admire the aesthetics of this door in comparison to the rest of the house.

Custom Garage Doors:

At Alexiana Group, customization of these doors is possible. Whether you choose a pre-established model or have specific requirements, we can accommodate them. The technology used, Dura Print, is a new innovation made specifically for this purpose. After the design is printed, a thin layer of lacquer is applied, increasing the long-term protection against fading and degradation of the garage door.

We invite you to visit our official website, alexiana.ro, for more details about these doors and to request a personalized quote. You’ll receive a 10-year warranty for these systems, with the option to extend it for another year if you register on the website. A total of 11 years of coverage for these systems, which you’ll be able to use for a long time from now on.

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