Regulation of the Campaign “Sectional Garage Doors Plus Gift Roller”

Terms and Conditions for Prize Awards.

Purchase at least one residential or industrial sectional garage door and receive a free aluminum exterior roller shutter with an insect screen.

Promotion Period: May 1, 2023 – June 30, 2023.

This promotion is intended for end customers only.

A single free roller shutter is granted for each garage door order, regardless of the number of doors in the order.

The free roller shutter is provided under the condition that it is installed by the Alexiana team at the customer’s residence.

Measurement, transportation, and installation of the free roller shutter are provided free of charge by Alexiana Group.

The dimensions of the free roller shutter fall within (480-2000) width and (500-2500) height.

The provided free roller shutter comes with manual operation. If automation is desired, it is covered by the customer.

The free roller shutter can only be installed on windows with at least one movable sash.

The color of the free roller shutter can be chosen from the entire range offered by Alexiana, except for the wenge color. The available colors can be found on the website

The free roller shutter is offered in the following models: classic, elegance, integro, and overlapping.

The free roller shutter can only be manufactured from a single curtain of slats.

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