Garage door maintenance – what you need to know

You are a proud owner of a sectional garage door. What comes next? Enjoying its appearance and functionality. Minimal maintenance is preferable, and in the following lines, we present the appropriate conduct in this regard. You have a long journey ahead, because as you probably already know, you have up to 11 years of warranty for your purchase.

Sectional garage doors don’t require complicated maintenance but rather a preventive approach. They don’t need to be painted, coated with a layer of lacquer, or treated with various products. The first comprehensive check will be after two years from installation and it’s free. Until then, it might be enough to focus on cleaning the garage door. Here are details you should know:

Periodic Inspection

Inspections should be carried out by qualified personnel, and these checks will also extend the warranty. However, until the indicated review date – every two years – you can perform at least a visual check on the garage door. For instance, check the screws to ensure they’re not loose. If you notice any changes in the door’s operation when opening or closing, inform the service team.

Cleaning the Garage Door

The idea of spraying water over the door to remove dirt might be tempting. Well, don’t do it. We recommend using a classic cloth instead. Also, avoid chlorine-based detergents.

  • Periodically clean the impurities from the sliding rails.
  • Check the sealing gaskets visually.
  • Panels can be easily cleaned with water and a neutral detergent.


Avoid getting water on the motor and the sliding rollers. Any maintenance or repairs should only be carried out by specialized personnel. The warranties offered also involve adhering to certain requirements. Check the terms and conditions for these warranties.

Fortunately, you’re our customer, so you receive:

  • Two free interventions in the first two years

In the first two years after the sectional garage door is installed, you are entitled to two cost-free interventions. These might involve resetting the motor, adjusting the course, resetting an error, or other defects that don’t involve replacing a part.

  • The first inspection is free:

After the first two years of installation, it’s time for an inspection. It’s free, and the Alexiana Group team will carry out this professional activity. The inspection covers all necessary checks to ensure the proper long-term functioning of the garage door. This includes checks of the motor, remote control, rail tracks, as well as adjusting the torsion of the springs. We also examine the balance system and the hinges.

  • One free repair in the first year

If it’s necessary to replace the motor, change the remote control, or address other defects that arise due to the buyer’s responsibility, we will repair it for free. The condition is that this intervention doesn’t exceed 10% of the order value.

The garage door is a beneficial investment for you. Take care of it, conduct inspections on time, and it will last longer. Ask our advisors for more details about maintenance!

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