The garage door must be installed by a specialized team. Once you purchase the garage door you desire from Alexiana Group, you will also benefit from professional installation.

If the garage door you’ve purchased from our team is installed by an unauthorized person, you won’t be eligible for warranty coverage. Two years after its installation, you will also have a free inspection that will extend your warranty. Learn more in the following paragraphs!

Sectional door, a practical choice! How is the sectional garage door installed?

The sectional door is ideal for your home’s garage, highly practical. The garage door has a simple opening system, where the door panel will position itself – after opening – parallel to the floor of your garage. You’ll be able to open and close your garage easily, even if your car is parked in front of it.

Our team of specialists will assist you with the installation of the sectional garage door. The sectional door is carefully installed by specialized personnel behind the garage opening.

Quick installation – the team comes with all necessary accessories. If you want to see how the sectional garage door is installed, we invite you to watch this video: [link to video].

The personnel will install the garage door without requiring your intervention in any way. All necessary tools and accessories are prepared. Additionally, the personnel will perform their task extremely quickly.

All components included – plus, free transportation

The sectional garage door you desire is of the sandwich panel type, made of galvanized steel with anti-corrosive properties, filled with polyurethane foam, roller systems, traction cables, and much more.

How much will a sectional door cost you?

When wondering about the cost of a sectional door, you can visit our website and use the price calculator. Measure the space where the sectional garage door will be installed, input the measurements, choose the appropriate color, and discover the price. You will definitely choose our offer because it’s advantageous for you. The sectional garage door you desire for your garage will be offered at a great price, and you can purchase it right away. If you want a personalized quote, feel free to contact us, and we will provide you with the information you need!

Deadlines are always respected!

You have the option to return the sectional garage door you’ve purchased if it doesn’t meet your expectations. The return period for a garage door is a maximum of 45 days, but surely this won’t be necessary, as product quality is a top priority. The production time for the sectional garage door you desire is from 7 to a maximum of 14 days, depending on the customer’s location. The installation of the chosen garage door will be done in a short time!

To benefit from all the advantages of collaborating with us, it is recommended to avoid improvisations. Installation, eventual disassembly of a garage door, as well as inspections, should all be carried out by the qualified personnel of Alexiana Group.

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