1. Introduction: Bring your flight ticket to Alexiana Group and purchase products from the range: Garage Doors, Roller Garage Doors, Exterior Roller Shutters, with a minimum total value of 500 euros excluding VAT.
  2. Discount Calculation: For every 500 euros invested in Alexiana products, you will receive a 50 euro discount based on your flight ticket.
  3. Multiple Tickets: Multiple flight tickets can be used, but the cumulative value of the discounts obtained from these tickets must not exceed 10% of the total value of purchased Alexiana products.
  4. Cumulative Discounts: The discount from this campaign can be combined with other monthly promotions.
  5. Promotion Period: The promotion is valid for one month from the date of flight ticket issuance.
  6. Eligibility: This promotion is applicable only for flight tickets departing from or arriving at Suceava Airport.

This regulation outlines the terms and conditions of the “FLIGHT TICKET = 50 EURO” promotion. It aims to provide transparency and clarity for participants.

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