What problems of the outer roller shutters are covered by warranties?

The exterior roller shutters we offer are of proven quality, backed by existing warranties. No one is willing to invest in repairs and replacement for a roller shutter in a short period of time. Because we understand your expectations, we also offer extended warranties.

However, what common issues might arise with exterior roller shutters and which of these can be covered by the existing warranties?

Common Problems with Exterior Roller Shutters

Among the common problems with exterior roller shutters are defects in the rolling system, possible slower rolling speed than expected, or delayed response time to commands. In such cases, the issue might be with the drive mechanism or the remote control. Exterior roller shutters can have either manual or automatic operation, in which case opening and closing are done using a remote control. Electrically operated shutters might face issues like voltage drops or similar problems that can block usage, opening, or closing.

Isolation problems – feeling cold drafts around the shutter casing. When it’s noticed that the exterior roller shutters allow uncontrolled airflow from outside to inside and vice versa, it’s a clear sign that the installation wasn’t done properly.

Aesthetic issues – related to fading, wear and tear. Due to exposure to the elements, it’s expected that such problems might arise over time. Constant exposure to sunlight, wind, rain, freezing/thawing can lead to aesthetic issues with the shutters.

That’s Why You Choose the Best of the Best

“Prevention is better than cure,” goes the advice. Well, prevent problems by choosing quality from the start. The exterior roller shutters from Alexiana Group come with an extended warranty, and here’s how we keep various issues at bay:

  • Free repairs in the first year after installation

This intervention must not exceed 10% of the product’s value. We won’t investigate whether the defect was caused by the buyer or not. We’ll replace the remote control if it’s cracked or non-functional. We’ll replace one or more slats or other metallic elements if they affect the proper functioning of the system.

  • Total 11-year warranty!

This is one of the longest terms ever encountered. The buyer can extend this warranty with regular inspections conducted every two years. If they agree to register online, they get an additional year of warranty, making it a total of 11 years!

  • Return warranty

Let’s say you’re not 100% convinced and that in the final version, the installed exterior roller shutters are not exactly what you hoped for. You can change your mind. You have a return period of up to 45 days.

  • First free inspection

Two years after installation, the first inspection is free. All components of the shutters are thoroughly checked, the motor, its opening system, remote control, etc., all without additional costs.

Therefore, we value the passage of time, once again proving the quality of what we offer. Exterior roller shutters might develop issues over time. Fortunately, for those who order from Alexiana Group, such situations can cause minimal discomfort. Repairs are quick, and some are even free, covered by existing warranties. Regular maintenance is the key, and professional assistance makes the difference!

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