Find out which garage door model is right for you

When it comes to choosing a garage door, we’re not talking about fashion trends and matching like in the world of fashion. However, what you choose reflects your personality and how much you’re willing to invest in comfort and quality. Interested in garage door models? You’ve come to the right place!

Practical and Aesthetic Solutions for Your Garage – What Type and Model of Garage Door Should You Choose?

We understand that you want to consider the architectural style and personal needs. Plus, you have a budget and you’d prefer not to exceed it. Discover garage door models from our selection and make your choice. For any of these options, you’ll receive technical solutions, free transportation, and measurements.

Roller Garage Doors, Made of Aluminum

We’ve talked about these types of garage doors on the Alexiana blog before. Some choose them for the idea of uniformity, complementing the exterior roller shutters they have on their windows. Others opt for them because they are more affordable in price. There are many reasons, so let’s see why you might prefer them too.

They are perfect for you if your garage isn’t large. For example, you’re interested in an affordable solution or perhaps you have a limited budget available.

Sectional Garage Doors

You want the garage door to insulate and secure the garage. Or maybe you’d prefer a garage door that impresses with details. Or you’re thinking about solutions to maximize the available space, both inside and in front of the garage.

On the other hand, sectional garage doors are known for their advantages, including their durability and the fact that they provide both sound and thermal insulation. They are made of steel filled with polyurethane foam. You might prefer these garage door models. Do you see yourself in this description?

Custom Sectional Doors

The top range of garage doors in our selection includes custom sectional doors. You can choose an image you like and request it to be printed on the garage door. Cool, right? It’s obviously a premium service and the result is exceptional.

Such doors are printed using Dura Print technology. The quality of the result speaks for itself: the colors are vibrant, the image is resistant over time, and the effect is impressive. Just as well as you can choose a landscape or even an image of a race car, you can also choose an image that creates an optical illusion. You might even mask the garage entrance. No one will realize that it’s actually a garage access door. Unless they look closely.

Custom garage doors might be the perfect choice for you if:

  • You’re willing to invest more in a garage door than you would for standard options.
  • You like to stand out. Or you want something unique, interesting, that will impress or simply satisfy your desire for a garage door model that no one else has.

From Alexiana Group, whichever garage door model you choose, be sure it’s the best choice possible. You have the perfect combination of style and functionality. It’s the safety you need, whether you lean toward modern or classic design. If you’re part of the sophisticated crowd, we have suitable choices for you too – custom garage doors.

Regardless of your choice, keep in mind that we provide quality and solutions, not just garage doors. They are designed to last, which is why we offer extended warranties (ask our consultants about how to get the 11-year extended warranty).

In addition, when you configure your garage door, you can also choose automation. This way, opening and closing it will be just a button press away.

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