The Yawal TM 75EI System

The Yawal TM 75EI System

This system is used for creating fire-resistant walls and doors with fire resistance classes from El 30 to El 60, serving as both external and internal fire barriers.

It also allows for the construction of smoke-resistant structures. The TM 75EI thermal-insulating profiles consist of two aluminum parts separated by a thermal spacer. The 32mm wide fiberglass-reinforced polyamide spacers serve as insulation within the profiles. The profiles come in two construction variants that differ based on the degree of filling of the aluminum chambers with insulating and fire-resistant separators.

Advantages of the System:

Classification of the system as smoke-resistant in class Sa S200.
• Classification of materials as non-flammable (NRO).
• A wide range of construction solutions, from partition walls to windows and single- or double-leaf doors (a version with side and upper glazed panels is possible).
• A broad range of filling materials with a thickness of up to 62 mm.

Technical Details

Air permeability class 2 conf. PN-EN 12207:2001
Water resistance class 3A conf. PN-EN 12208:2001
Fireproof classification. class EI 30, EI 60 conf. 13501-2+A1:2016
Wind resistance class C1 conf. PN-EN 12210:2001
Thermal conductivity coefficient Uf = 2,55÷2,6 W/(m2K) conf. PN-EN ISO 6946:1999
Sound insulation Rw = 35÷40 dB conf. PN-EN ISO 140-3
Technical Approval AT-15-6830/2016


Structural depth of the door Frame profile 74,8 mm/82 mm 74,8 mm/82 mm
Profile of the door leaf 74,8 mm/82 mm 74,8 mm/82 mm
Glass thickness. do 62 mm do 62 mm