The FA 50N EI System

The FA 50N EI System

The Curtain Wall in the FA 50N EI System features a skeleton structure composed of columns and beams made from aluminum profiles.

Fire-resistant glass or insulation panels are incorporated into the construction’s skeleton.

Advantages of the System:

• Ability to create curtain walls with different plane surface reflections.
• Adherence to strict fire protection standards.
• Compatibility with Yawal fire protection systems TM 75EI, Yawal TM 62EI.

Technical Details

Air permeability class AE 1500 conf. PN-EN 12152.
Water resistance class RE 1800 conf. PN-EN 12154.
Thermal conductivity coefficient Uf = de la 1,2 W/m2K conf. PN-EN ISO 10077-2.
Wind resistance 2400 Pa conf. PN-EN 13116.
Sound insulation Rw (C, Ctr) = 31÷ 44 dB conf. PN-EN ISO 140-3
Impact resistance. class I5, E5 conf. PN-EN 14019
Burglary resistance. RC2, RC3, RC4 conf. PN-EN 1627
Internal visible width 50 mm
External visible width 50 mm
Glass surfaces fixed with pressure strips and masking strips.
Glass thickness. 10÷80 mm
Fireproof classification. classes EI15, EI30, EI45, EI60 conf. PN-EN 12501-2 A1