Custom Garage Doors

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Custom Garage Doors

Alexiana Group shows you that there is an extraordinary lesson when it comes to garage doors!

Because you’re not satisfied with something standard, and you want to break the mold, we invite you to discover custom garage doors. More than just functional structures, these have personality!

Today’s modern technology allows us to turn every garage door project into art. We bring the solutions, you bring the ideas, or perhaps you get inspired by our project catalog – together we give life to a garage door that has just earned the status of a portal to fantasy. The destination remains the same, the garage stays the same, but who says this access route couldn’t be elevated to the level of art? Designed and printed exactly as you desire!

-Vibrant colors that maintain their intensity over time.
-Print applied to any size of sectional door.

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Characteristics Custom Garage Doors

  • Swiss sandwich-type panels, made of galvanized steel and painted with electrostatic field
  • The panels are filled with high-density polyurethane foam, providing thermal and sound insulation
  • They can be manufactured for both residential and industrial use
  • The “finger-safe” system is a panel articulation system that prevents injuries during operation
  • They are equipped with longitudinal steel reinforcements at the hinges, ensuring efficient fastening
  • Garage doors can be operated manually, electrically with a remote control, or even with a phone
  • Galvanized torsion springs with a durability of 25,000-50,000 cycles
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel tracks, roller bearings, bottom, and top seal
  • Sectional garage doors can be equipped with optional elements according to customer needs: additional mounting angle, interior lock, reinforcing omega profile, motor lock with key, spring bumpers, decorative element inserts, pedestrian door for easy access

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